The Cafe @ Physique Gym

The Cafe @ Physique Gym offers fresh, healthy, calorie specific breakfasts and brunches as well as our branded Physique 1, 2, 3 meals, Physique 1,2,3 protein shakes and Physique cold pressed juices. These can be enjoyed on site, or prepped and ready to take out as well as ordered for collection, 7 days a week. Our personal Trainers are able to offer you nutritional advice if you are unsure about which range of Physique meals or Physique protein shakes will best suit your metabolism. We provide grab and go snacks and healthy treats for those individuals who’s time is better spent enjoying life to the full and not having to worry about meal prep. Our locally sourced Artisan Coffee will rekindle your love of coffee, we guarantee it will taste nothing like the coffee you get from a high street chain – a statement we are extremely proud of!

  • Physique 1 range – Created for people looking to make some small changes to the amount of calories they consume each day. Available in Meals and Shakes
  • Physique 2 range – Created for people who would like to maintain their calorie intake each day. Available in Meals and Shakes
  • Physique 3 range – Created for people who have a little more room for growth and would like a little bit extra in their calorie count each day. Available in Meals and Shakes

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