Physique F.I.T. Group Classes

Physique F.I.T. (Focused Interval Training) offers a fully equipped F.I.T. studio showcasing a range of group exercise equipment, sourced from elite fitness suppliers. We offer individuals the opportunity to challenge themselves and enjoy our daily 45 minute Physique F.I.T. classes.

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality coaching while building a strong, F.I.T. and fun community.

We offer a range of Physique F.I.T. classes throughout the day. Physique F.I.T. will deliver 45 minutes of physical and mental intensity.

Our F.I.T. group experience is a full body workout designed to condition and re-sculpt selected muscle groups. Smash your way through a high energy ride session, punch and move your way to complete a cardio boxing battle and mould your body to break your barriers and change your shape.

We are all creatures of habit, Physique F.I.T. will break your negative habits and help you build positive ones.

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Everyone is welcome to come and try our F.I.T. classes for FREE. We are offering 4 FREE classes so everyone can see how exhilarating our timetable is. We will be running a reduced timetable for the interim and we are pleased to inform you that once you have joined our F.I.T. membership your direct debits will not be taken until we launch our full time table which can be found when you click on see our class times. We will give you 7 days notice of the start of the direct debit and the change of timetable from reduced to full. Please email for updates on when our reduced timetable is commencing, or keep an eye out on our website or social media for updates. You will need to register on our website and select our pre-opening offers found on our home page F.I.T. CLASS TRIAL MEMBERSHIP to activate your trial. Please click on see our class times to view our reduced and full timetable.

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