I decided to become a Personal Trainer after years of being unhappy with the way I looked. I thought I had tried everything to change the way I felt and looked, and nothing had worked. I was fed up with not making the changes to my body I desperately wanted. Being a single parent with two daughters meant I had very little time to myself and I had to find a solution that fitted in with their lives;

You name it I’d tried it, from:
*Body pump

Well not exactly everything, I had never stepped foot in a gym. I used to walk past the window, glance in and think how boring that looked – pushing and pulling weights.

I didn’t know how to use those machines, weights and equipment, or looked like the other people in the gym – I assumed people would be staring at me and wondering why I’m there.

I couldn’t have been more wrong on both counts!

I was recommended to book a personal trainer for my first few encounters. He taught me technique, form, as well as what movements would work which parts of my body. He was patient with me and most importantly gave me the confidence I needed.

It was the best decision I made, not only did it change my body and mind, it changed my career and generally my whole outlook on life.

10 years further on I’ve competed on numerous occasions, being crowned body fitness champion at the British finals for two years consecutively and defended my title internationally . This has given me the platform to further my dream career in personal training. Passing on the knowledge and experience I have gained through many years in the industry. I have become that “Personal Trainer” who helped me so I can now for others.

Whether your goals are based around getting on stage, achieving a personal target in the gym, or simply making lifestyle changes my focus will always be the well-being of your health, mentally and physically. Through my own personal experiences in the same goals, transforming my body has been a natural part of this process and I now thrive on helping others achieve the same, whatever their personal goals may be.


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