I became a personal trainer having gained a degree in Sports Science and Personal Training. Strength and Conditioning quickly formed the foundation of my practice as a personal trainer originally working closely in sports performance.

I specialised in movement science which has given me the ability to refine and re-teach the way people move and express movement through sport and exercise. My whole approach to training is all about making people “super human” and resilient enough to face any physical demand you’re faced with, pain free. Over the years I’ve learnt that spending and eternity on form can often get you no where in the results game, and pushing intensity to hard without considering your form often leads to injuries (most of us have been there!). My aim with clients is about finding that perfect balance between the two.

I probably get excited more than the average person when it comes to taking someone from novice – expert, shy – confident. I not only want my clients training well but also expect them to look good doing it. I’ve found that looking like you know what you’re doing (even if you don’t know what you’re doing) builds confidence quickly. The sooner you’re confident, the sooner you start pushing yourself more, the sooner you start seeing results.

I didnt realise how significantly nutrition contributed to improving my physique until I started competing in Men’s Physique. Over the years Ive been fortunate enough to witness and experience the sweet art of building muscle with minimal fat gain, getting ripped to the bone with minimal muscle loss and maintain my weight with minimal stress. This sparked my interest to further my studies at University and do a Masters in Performance Nutrition. The degree broke down the science of nutrition in the context of bodybuilding and performance sports (all nerdy stuff which I’m sure you’ll be bombarded with at some point). Long and short of it, this degree has given me the tools and background knowledge needed to peel back the complicated layers surrounding nutrition and make things simple again.

So if you feel like your progress has stalled a bit, or you’re still new to training and want to take things to a new level, let’s have a look at where you can make those improvements and put a plan together.

Whether it’s your training, eating habits, mindset or all of the above, I’m sure we’ll find a solution to your problem.


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