I am currently at University studying Osteopathy ( Manipulation of the body’s muscle tissue and bones in order to restore normal function and stability to the joints to help the body heal itself.)

I specialise in sports injuries, deep tissue massage, facia scraping as well as injury prevention and recovery. With a level 4 Personal Training qualification and a background in elite sports, my passion is enabling people to exercise safely and be their absolute best while remaining injury-free.

I offer consultations and treatments at Physique Gym and am always available for a chat if you are unsure of what your needs may be. You can often find me in the gym training and advising members.

I have worked with several competitive athletes in Mens Physique and Bodybuilding as well as women’s Bikini and wellness athletes and all report significant improvements in their ability to pose after just one session with me.

If you are suffering with a niggle or can’t quite get your poses correct  – come and have a chat with me and together we will find the best solution for you.

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