Nutrition is without doubt the single most important aspect to consider when trying to improve body composition and physical performance and appearance, however, all too often a lack of expertise and time to purchase, prepare, weigh and cook meals is the achilles heel of success.

At Physique Gym, your goals are our passion. We understand that each individual is different and that’s why we have created a most goal-focussed meal prep solution. We use only fresh, locally sourced ingredients to produce healthy, restaurant-quality meals that can be ordered directly from us 7 days a week or collected in store. Whether you want to lose fat, build muscle or simply improve your overall health, we have the perfect Physique Meals and Physique Protein Shakes for you. Eating healthy no longer needs to be a chore.

  • Physique 1 range – Created for people looking to make some small changes to the amount of calories they consume each day.
  • Physique 2 range – Created for people who would like to maintain their calorie intake each day.
  • Physique 3 range – Created for people who have a little more room for growth and would like a little bit extra in their calorie count each day.

We offer a nutrition service for those of you who would like advice on which meals are best suited to your goals. Chris will devise the perfect plan for your goals, see you on a weekly basis to support you on your journey and change your plan as necessary. We offer a very hands on service and guarantee results if you guarantee to be committed. Nutrition consultations can be booked in store with an initial consultation costing £40 and weekly check-ins for as little as £20.

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